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Height 170 / Weight 55 / Age 24 / Black eyes / Brunette hair

Escort Amsterdam Dior


This exceptional Amsterdam escort, Dior, undoubtedly claims the top spot when it comes to fulfilling your deepest desires with a touch of sizzling passion. With Dior, you can let loose and go wild, as every touch ignites an intense burning sensation, leaving you yearning for more, perhaps even wishing to be in her company always.

At a youthful 24 years old, Dior is a fresh and exceptionally talented individual, and any man would be wise to indulge in her myriad of abilities. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, she adds an extra layer of sophistication to her playful and naughty nature. Dior's enchanting appearance, coupled with a radiant smile that lights up her beautiful face, makes her irresistibly desirable.

Maintaining her perfectly proportioned body through a rigorous spinning class three times a week, Dior ensures that each encounter is filled with intense and steamy moments, a visual treat for your eyes. Her favorite pastime is dazzling customers with her sharp and intelligent mind, coupled with an excellent understanding of social etiquettes. Men seeking her services outside their neighborhood can take pride in the company of a woman who is not only physically alluring but also socially adept. Choose Dior for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Included Services:


Dinner Date


Extra Paid Services:





Erotic massage




1 HOUR > 180 euros

Dior Escort Amsterdam
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